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Some people have been waiting for this day or time of year ever since November 1st of last year. Me, not so much.  I do love me some Fall, but Halloween isn’t as exciting for me. With the little being less little this year though, we are looking forward to having some extra fun on her account; however, that does not mean costumes for us- this year anyway. 

I can definitely get down with a cool shirt though, especially if it’s something I can make myself. Here you will find a quick tutorial for my Happy Hallo Wine shirt, and you can download the image if you’d like to make one yourself.  With Amazon Prime, or even a quick run to Hobby Lobby, you still have plenty of time to pull this off.

Happy Hallo Wine DIY Shirt

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Buy a shirt– Amazon has great options
  2. Get some vinyl- Siser is a great brand!
  3. Download this image or create your own
  4. Follow instructions
  5. Done!

I have a Silhouette, which I love. I googled “free Halloween fonts” and created the design in Silhouette’s software. If you have a Silhouette or Cricut, the process should be pretty similar and fairly simple.  I did not import any design, it was just text and then adjusting the font. With Heat Transfer Vinyl, you have to mirror your image prior to cutting. You will place vinyl glossy side down on your cutting mat so that the machine is cutting the actual vinyl. Depending on what HTV you’re using will depend on the exact process of applying the vinyl to the shirt.  

Once you download/save the image, you will want to open it in your program for your Silhouette or Cricut. Then you will need to trace it and cut the image (mirrored).

JPeg for download- DIY HALLOWINE SHIRT

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I cannot wait to see how yours looks! Please share for others to see too! You can follow my facebook page or my Instagram (@howthismamadoes) too Have a safe and Happy Halloween y’all!!!

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