Learning Self Care

Learning Self Care

Self Care is one of the new goals I have set for myself. I’m kinda figuring it out as I go.

Yea, mani & pedis are nice (not like I get much of those lol) and massages, too. Who doesn’t love a new outfit?

But really, it is so much more than that.  Although, when we do any of the above mentioned we are spending time on ourselves, and we may feel that we are taking care of ourselves, BUT are we missing an opportunity for something we really need though? What could we be doing with our time alone instead of “pampering?” Some quiet time? A change of scenery?  A chance for deep prayer? A time to force ourselves not to think about any negative and recognize we cannot control or solve everything? These things could also be viewed as pampering.  I suppose it’s a balance of the mind, body and soul. While my body could always use some pampering, I think the mind and soul are more of what I need to stay sane.

I have started trying to give my worries to God rather than drowning in them. Worry and anxiety stepped into my life in such a way, it had began to rule me.  God doesn’t want that for me, or any of us! I was letting it happen though, not him. My Mom’s Bible Study group is reading “How to have a Mary heart in a Martha world,” and that has really been helping me to realize some things about myself.  Pray more, Worry Less- Philippians 4:6. (I’m buying the T-SHIRT or making it, lol). It seems simple, but it takes some changing. Changing of habits, a change of perspective, and so on.

Another thing I finally did was take a personal day. Just me. Mom life is constant.  While I love my mini and being her mama, I felt exhausted and nearly burnt out. I found myself extremely irritable and inpatient.  It may not have been super obvious, (not all the time anyway- not a perfect person right here) but I could feel myself boiling so much that my pot was overflowing. So I did it, I went to the beach and it was great. I had a simple and delicious lunch, alone, as I chewed each bite slowly and sipped on a freshly made cappuccino. Even being away from my family for the day, I could not clear my thoughts of them completely– so still partial mom-mode. The point is, I was away.  I took a day for me and they are fine.

I could feel the positive effects of my mama day off.  I returned home calm and to hear of a great day at the zoo.  The next day I was able to stop myself from feeling frustrated.  This is a work in progress though, y’all.  Sunday night was a little rough, I got emotional; however, I got through it.  A day away certainly helped me to take a moment to reflect and realize (even more) I need to be taking better care of my mind and soul- the body too, yes.

I encourage all my fellow mamas out there to do this too! And all ladies alike. We’ve all heard it before take care of yourself so that you can take care of others, but it really is true.  Until you make it happen you don’t realize how much you may have been neglecting yourself.  And ladies, if you want a pedicure that DOES count, my point is though that it’s not just what’s on the outside. If our insides are rotting, the outside will eventually show in some ways- whether or not our toe nails have been polished.

LaLaLOVE La Casa Del Pane Italian Bakery in St. Pete Beach. Cannot pass this place whenever I am nearby.

Hi, I’m a mom blogger

Hi, I’m a mom blogger

Hey y’all! Here I am, blogging.  This is not the first time I have started a blog; however, this is the first time I am starting with a purpose and a direction.  In the past, I liked the idea of blogging, the idea of using it as a creative outlet, but I struggled to find a voice or what to exactly share.  My husband would often mention to me my strengths, and even though they were not foreign traits to me I still just did not have the voice I felt I needed to truly move forward.

Even now, as I have been planning this out and writing down every single idea for a post or strategy, I feel some doubt about continuing to have things to write about. But that is part of the journey, always looking for things to write and share.  I also feel like there is passion behind this specific drive to blog. I need to be better about looking at uncertainty as a positive challenge, an opportunity to grow rather than something to fear.  We all have our fears, we all get discouraged and feel doubts whether about ourselves, individually or in aspects of our lives.

What changed? I became a mother.  This is a career path I have considered many times and for quite some time– remember not my first blog. I even for a short time, had my own (at home) bakery. I love to bake, it seemed straight forward, but baking alone all day not as exciting as expected. Being a mother has been an experience I would have never been able to really comprehend before it happened.  I know I am not alone in this feeling, even while carrying a child it just didn’t hit me. Going through all the beginning stages of learning to breastfeed and how to change diapers, it still seemed mostly surreal. Now, 19+ months later even though I don’t claim to have this down pat, I have sort of settled in.  I’m still a work in progress as a mother and person. My child is growing more and more everyday and just when I think I have something figured out that stage is over.  This is motherhood.

I am sooo extremely blessed to be a stay-at-home mama.  With that said, it is no walk in the park.  We are not wealthy or financially comfortable, but this is what we want and we are somehow (by the grace of God) making it work. Even though this is what I wanted for me and my child in the season of our lives, I still have felt a little lost at times.  Here I am a mom now, I’m not getting dressed for my old 9-5 days, but instead rolling out of bed to an awake toddler every morning.  It is truly a wonderful way to wake up, the best actually, even in my zombie-like/still asleep/get me coffee/need more sleep/whyyyy feeling (seriously though even if it were 10 a.m. I would probably feel this way).  This mama is NOT a morning person, never have been. Add it to my list of struggles.  I awake each day usually feeling behind but still wanting more sleep and starting the cycle over every single morning.  Nonetheless, my mini wakes me and we go on with our day. Back to the lostness in motherhood though…. I can’t quite explain it but if you are a mom you must have some idea what I am talking about.  That too is part of my drive for this.  A way to find myself.  Although, I don’t feel lost as often as I used to, time does not slow down and I need to kick it into gear. I need to do more for myself, because doing more for myself does in turn do more for my family.

This is my outlet.  To share and be me.   I am a lover of baked goods, crafts, style, cooking, coffee, wine and more.

Being a mother is a gift from God, and I plan to be more intentional in my duty. Thank you for joining me on this journey! I hope that this will also inspire you to make moves toward a better you– a happier you.

College Football Pride

College Football Pride

With College Football back and in full swing, I had to make sure my mini was well- equipped for the season. We LalalaLOVE college football around here; that is what Saturdays are for in the fall. #itsfallyall

With that said, as if it’s not obvious, we all need to look our best to rep our teams.  I am a proud South Florida Bulls alumni and my husband is a die-hard Gators fan, so we have sort of a split house.  It’s not so bad since they are in different conferences, or else things might get a little crazy up in here. Nonetheless, our sweet little girl has to rep both sides, duh.

I LaLaLaLOVE my Silhouette Cameo.  It was a birthday gift from the hubby a few years back, and it has aided in a many crafting adventures. I am also pretty loyal to Hobby Lobby, they have everything I need to fulfill my ideas, not to mention such an enjoyable shopping environment. Then there are those times when I’m in my super-homebody mood and Amazon Prime is a good friend of mine. So with all of that, these shirts have been made possible.  And um, me of course – – – – – kinda an important part, lol.

So without further ado check these out!


It was fun to make these and then see the little wearing them.  I have a drawer full of USF attire, but do opt to support the Gators on occasion.  But instead of buying something new I also made myself a shirt to wear.  It was my lucky day when Target had basic woman’s tees on sale too!



Stay tuned for some tasty bites that go well with football and beer (or wine if you’re me).